About Us

We provide professional facilities for cleaning soft furniture, mattress and carpet coverings both at home and in any other places.

Our company uses only effective , approved and certificated cleaning and washing chemicals belonging to leading European and American companies for our work.

We work with professional cleaning equipment of Karcher and Wetrok.

All our staff have graduated from 2T Center - Cleaning Technology Center (branch of Ltd. "ANITRA") http://www.2tcentrs.anitra.lv ,and are able to make work fast and effectively.

Why to choose use ?

  • Firstly, We give an individual attitude for everybody.
  • Secondly, Professional equipment and safe chemicals.
  • And finally , Perfect quality and reasonable prices .

Our main features include : Honesty, Trustfulness, Reliability and Friendliness.

We appreciate the time and private space of our customers  - That's why we use an Individual approach.

Use our services - Save your time and effort .

2T Centrs sertifikats

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