Carpet cleaning

"S&M Cleaning Service" offers professional carpet cleaning services in RIGA & JURMALA to keep your carpets and rugs in well condition.

If you live in RIGA & JURMALA  and you need a professional carpet cleaning "S&M Cleaning Service" company offers you great cleaning service at reasonable prices.

We clean fast, green, we have extensive experience cleaning all types of carpets and provide high quality services to supply the best quality of cleaning for your special home or office.

We recommend cleaning your carpets and rugs by professional carpet cleaners at least once a year. The main reason for this recommendation is due to the build up dust and bacteria, which could cause health problems.

The process for this is as follows:

• Firstly we will Vacuum all areas to remove any Loose Dirt and Dust;

• Then we will Pre-Treat the area to remove the Stains;

• Then using our Extractor method With the necessary Specialist chemicals we clean the Entire surface removing all Smells and Bacteria;

• Finally where needed we would use a Powerful Spot Treatment for any remaining Stubborn stains, then leaving the Carpet to fully dry.

When we perform our Carpet Cleaning  Services we will always  use only  Eco-Friendly Cleaning products. We believe that Eco-Friendly products are the Safest for all of our customers.

Eco-Friendly products are less Toxic and leave a Pristine clean without nasty Chemical Smell.

We own professional cleaning machines including machines from Kerher and Wetrok.

We are fully  trained, ready for a perfect cleaning.

Don`t try to remove the stains from the carpet, we will do it for you!

Does your CARPET or RUG need to be clean ?

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